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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ok, so I lied

And didn't update on Sunday.

I had a good reason though! Relationship issues arose on Friday and by the time Sunday rolled round I just wanted to sleep. So I did :)

Uni is now back in full swing - I had my first seminar on Monday that went far too fast and I had a dissertation meeting with my supervisor today, which was both very confusing and very useful. Society activity is also back with a vengence. The first meeting of circus was packed, it's always good to see so many new faces :) Then I actually -went- to anime and manga, like I was meaning to for the majority of last year. I think part of today's tiredness is due to an overload of social activity.

This evening we have our first official fire spinning gig of the year! Hurrah! Not paid, but they're providing fuel which means we don't loose money on it :) I'm so looking forward to it, it's been a whole week since I got to play with fire! I'll try and get some photos for you :)

Ooooh and yesterday I finally managed to get a Treasury spot! :D I've been trying for weeks but have never quite managed it. So here it is, my 'Pearls Before Swine' treasury:

Anyway. I must go and find some lunch. And possibly make some kind of decision in regards to my dissertation title and chapter headings :/ Wish me luck!


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