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Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm still here...

I have not been eaten by killer bees, eloped with my tutor or anything like that. I'm just -really- busy.
I spent the summer in the USA ,which was awesome and may prompt an actual, detailed blog at some point. Then again, it may not.
I was working at a summer camp and teaching kids how to make jewellery, including a bit of chainmaille, which was fairly awesome.Since I got back I've started back at uni. I'm doing a 1 year research masters which will (hopefully) lead into a PhD. I'm also:
* working part time at a candy shop
* running a proofreading business (reasonable rates - note me :P)* editing erotic fiction for Filament magazine
* running the university's Gilbert and Sullivan society
* having a social life

Sadly, this all leaves very little time for art/jewellery. I'm doing bits and pieces and will hopefully have some photos up at (or before) Christmas, but nothing major will be happening around here for a while :(

I am still taking commissions, so get in touch if you need anything :)