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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Frustration >.<

Evening all!
I got a fantastic parcel in the post today :D
Yes, yet more pearls. And some lovely spacer beads!
(apologies for the poor photo quality, I've spilt beads aaall over my floor and am too irritated to take a better one!)

So, because of my new shinies I've been making a couple of necklaces. The only problem is, the silk keeps snapping ;_; I got so frustrated with it that I've just taken it all apart and am going to try again tomorrow. It's a shame, I really wanted to have them photogaphed and ready to list tonight.

I did manage to make a great bracelet though - copper and aluminium chainmaille. I'll have a photo of that tomorrow as well :)

Ohoh exciting news, I made two sales today! Totally out of the blue, all of my others have been from people I know or have sold to before.

Right, I'm going to tidy my stuff off my bed so I can go to sleep. I'll be back tomorrow with photos and more random rambling :)


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