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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mass Burn Incineration and Pretty Dresses

Good evening, my little cabbages!

Today was quite a big day for my family, specifically my mother.
Since April she has been heavily involved in a campaign group called SAVI - Stop Aylesbury Vale Incineration.

Long story short, our county council is planning on putting a huuuge incinerator in one of the fields across from our house, in order to dispose of waste. They're calling it 'Energy From Waste'...sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunatly, it sounds less good when you get into the scientific research. Exciting statistics like child cancer rates within 5 miles going up by a large percentage within 4 years of these things being installed.

Aside from the health issues, we have things like environmental pollution, property values, spoling the view. Joy.

Anyway, today we had a large rally to show our displeasure. We met in town and had some speeches, then (making a lot of noise and chanting loudly) we marched our way to the county hall to present our petitions. The national news were there as well as radio stations and newspapers.
We had over 300 people, so many more than we were expecting!

On Monday we get the decision about where this thing is going to be. The fight will go on wherever it is because this technology should not be in use, but things will be a bit more relaxed if they choose somewhere other than our site.

So yes, that went well :)

On to the dresses!
After a long conversation with Lauren (, I decided that the gorgeous rose dress would not fit :(
So, I bought the pinafore dress AND found a dress pattern for a very similar dress on Etsy! I'm going to John Lewis tomorrow to try and find some good fabric :D Can't wait!

It's been so long since I did any dress making, I'm really excited! There will be update photos as well :)

Today has been a pleasant break from jewellery. I think I will have a nice, hot bath after dinner and have an early bed time. Allll good.

Have a good evening!


Maverick Malone said...

You have a great blog! I like it :)

GlitterbugDoodlebean said...

Hello there! I just found you through a flickr group, your blog is beautiful! Just wondering, how did you get the facebook page on the sidebar?x

Eiriel's Eclectics said...

Thank you both!

GlitterbugDoodlebean, this website gives you the code and the how-to!

Good luck :)

Felix said...


Greatings from Germany! I have made an informationpage about an german recycling- and waste- management- idea in german and english language (kryo- recycling). Pleace spread this infomation to all persons, you know, that many people get knowkedge about this idea and good alternatives to incineration.

If you and others have some more or new information, pleace send the information to my adress. .

Here is the link to my informationpage:

With best Greatings, Felix Staratschek, Freiligrathstr. 2, D- 42477 Radevormwald

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