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Friday, 11 September 2009

Oooh I Found Pretties...Buy Something From Me So I Can Buy A Dress!

Ok, this is the main reason why I shouldn't poke around on Etsy. I find things like this:

I will not give you the links, as I want to buy them before you :P
I will, however, give you the shop link as it is am amazing shop and deserves your attention!
I found Lauren (the owner) on twitter, she posts regular updates about her shop!

To put it bluntly, please buy something from my Etsy so I can buy something from hers! I even have some new jewellery for you to buy - a necklace and matching braclet made out of sterling silver chain and pearls!

I spent yesterday evening in the delightful company of three small children. Ages 3, 6 and 9, they were suprisingly good company. We walked the dog, found lots of conkers and ate lots of fruit.
I enjoy babysitting, tis a shame it doesn't happen more often!

I should do another update over the weekend. I'm expecting some nice thick silk so I can restring this necklace -

And I've just been told that dinner is ready. Hurrah!


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