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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Progress Being Made!

Evening everyone!

It's been a busy, busy few weeks. I mentioned a while ago that I moved back up to Birmingham for the start of the new university term...things have settled down a lot and there's kind of a routine going now.
Lectures are up and running and they're mostly interesting. Not so glad about the Roman history side of the course, but given one of my other modules is basically on 'Xena: Warrior Princess' I don't feel like I can complain! Seriously, I've been told to watch the first episode as preparation for my lecture this week.
How lucky am I?

Societies have started again too, circus was really full on the first session. Numbers will go down over the term, but it's always good to see lots of new faces! Rehersals are starting for the first Gilbert and Sullivan production of term...hopefully it'll go ok. I'm supposed to be playing viola for it, though I haven't had any music yet. I'm sure it'll be fine...
Oh, and I'm going to church for the first time in a ages. It's good, a young congregation as it's at the university chaplaincy and there are some fantastic hymns.

That's the joy at the moment!

Funfunfun :) I've got a fair few jewellery design ideas in my head at the moment and when I have time I will make them and show you all!

And then I shall take over the world.


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