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Friday, 25 September 2009

Full post on Sunday...promise!

Morning all!
Apologies for the lack of activity recently, I've been busy getting settled back into uni life (meaning not getting anywhere near enough sleep...) and so have neglected business and blog!

Yesterday was spent at the societies fair on campus where I tried very hard not to scare the freshers too much whilst on the fetish society stall. As ever, we attracted many, many weird looks but we got about 10 new members and 60 people on the mailing list. We're hoping for some more today! We're also aiming to beat our record of 'people tied up at freshers' - currently standing at 18 over the two days. We got 17 yesterday, so I have high hopes!

Also had a committee meeting for the gilbert and sullivan society (light opera) which was good fun, can't wait for that to kick off :D

And now I have seminar preparation to do. Expect a proper post on sunday :)


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