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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Last Etsy Listings Before...

...I sod off to Spain for two weeks!

As my pearls finally arrived I managed to finish a necklace I've been working on for some time.

Listed on Etsy at $50 -

I'm off to Spain for two weeks on Saturday and I can't wait! It's the last family holiday before my baby sister (well, she's 18) goes off to Cambodia for a year. She's going to be working in an orphanage for children with HIV and AIDs. It's a bit scary, our smallest one going off to a foreign country for a whole year! I'm very jealous, actually. I'd -love- to do something like that. Sadly I think I'm going to have to content myself with the odd week here abroad until I retire...which is yeeeears away!

So yes, Spain. Party going consists of Mutti, Al (step-dad), my brother Barney, my sister Flora, other sister Erin and her boyfriend James, myself and my partner Tom. We're going to see Al's parent's who moved out there due to health problems and I'm SO EXCITED! Two weeks to enjoy the sunshine and the company of the people I love the best.

I'm not sure how I'll cope without my jewellery making bits and pieces...I've been making roughly two pieces a week for...well, months. Suddenly having no access to supplies is going to be a bit of shock. Although I'll be able to collect sea-glass and shells, so it's not like I'll be having withdrawal symptoms!

Excited Megan :D

Night all, see you in a couple of weeks!


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