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Saturday, 4 July 2009

First three sales, hooray!

Apparently, this advertising lark pays off :) I made my first three sales yesterday, to a lovely woman called Dee who commissioned me to make a mechanic's mix necklace and cuff a few months ago (

So yes, I am a happy person. It does mean that I now need to order more jump rings and make more stock...something that I don't really have time for as I'm spending the next two weeks in London on work experience.
There's always the weekend :)

I'm planning another one similar to my vintage dangles neckalce, but in glass and plastic chandelier whatsits. No idea what they're called.

Oh and I've got some pewter token things, they have little cut out pictures and writing saying things like' good for one breakfast in bed', or 'good for one hug'. I think I'll get some steel and make them into a charm bracelet. I love planning new pieces :D

Right, must go and cook dinner. Later!


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