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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Well, that was a productive weekend!

I can't remember if I told you this, but I ordered a load of jump rings last week. I got home after a week in London yesterday and got to work!
In the space of 48 hours, I've made 2 man's bracelets, 5 necklaces and 1 chain. As well as the usual bits of sleeping, eating, spending time with my sister/family etc. I feel proud of myself! I've almost run out of aluminium, I've done so much.

Without further ado, have some photos!

Necklace 1.
Fairly simple, this one :) Aluminium sections in a spiral weave, ten links long, joined by two bronze links. The clasp is a swirly tibetan silver hook, one of my favourites :)

Necklaces 2-4

These next 3 are actually the same design, just using different stones :) 2 is with amythyst, 3 is with lapis lazuli and 4 is with dyed flourite. All three necklaces have a base of plain aluminium chain, with silver clasps. The focal points are plastic chandelier drops around 1'' in length and 4 circular drops placed at intervals along the chain. No. 2 is slightly different to the others as it has 2 small, blue plastic leaf beads as well, the others are just stone chips. In fact, the central 3/4 of the chain has either a stone chip or a chandelier drop hanging from it. If you're familiar with chainmaille, it's effectively a half shaggy-loop weave.
I found the chandelier drops at the local market (I LOVE markets) during my lunch break at work. They were still wired in their original format (one drop and I think 3 circular ones) for £1 each. Plus a beautiful glass drop in a similar shape to a fleur-de-lis, which will be used at a later date. Given how well I think these worked, I've just ordered some plain glass drops (same shape as the central ones) from a shop on Etsy (, along with some coral beads. No idea what I'll do with the coral, but they were so chunky and beautiful I couldn't resist.
There is another necklace with lapis lazuli, but I'm not posting that as it's not finished!

So yes, these are my new necklaces! I don't know whether to put them all on Etsy or keep some back...I need something to show potential shop people :/

There's another necklace/choker that's been hanging round in my storage boxes for a while as I totally forgot to photograph it last time. It's...different. Completely out of my head because I had some 'o' rings left over from making my Stepping Stone cuff ( and my Rubber Spirals necklace (, they're pretty much too big for anything else! Made of large rubber 'o' rings looped through each other, joined in the middle with a steel washer. The stretch on it is amazing, it looks really quite small but I can get it over my head with ease! Because of how the rubber is chained together, it also spirals a little bit...I do like it :)
(Etsy listing, only $16!

Only two more photos for you, don't panick! A better photo of the silver and gold chain, but not -that- much better, sadly. Can't remember how much detail I gave you last time, but this is the base for a pearl necklace. Still awaiting the pearls and the pretty headpins I found! Need to buy more headpins, actually.

The other photo is of a simple rubber and aluminium man-bracelet. I made one in a weave called full persian for my brother this morning and wanted to make some more, so I did. Once I've bought some more rubber rings (all my others are the wrong size) I'm going to make some more, including a set of 3. I made this set for my boyfriend for Valentine's day and he really likes them...they're nice and masculine :D
(Etsy listing:

And I believe that's all for now!


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