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Monday, 20 July 2009

Swine Flu and Rat Men

So, I'm currently the only person in the house without swine flu. I feel like a nurse!

My mum's been in bed for about three days, my sister went down yesterday and my step-dad was sent home from work this morning. The fact that I am, as yet, not infected is amazing. I have one of the worst immune systems I've ever come across (I blame having mild ME as a child), but the odds are that I'll get it before the week is out.

The timing is really, really terrible. Erin (sister) is missing her boyfriend's gradutation ceremony tomorrow and she was so excited about going. It's also my parent's tenth wedding anniversary party on saturday and we have friends and family coming over to celebrate. I even bought my fire-poi down from birmingham to fire spin with, so if I'm laid-up in bed I will be highly unimpressed!

I went to Birmingham yesterday evening to pick up some jewellery stuff and came back with lots more than I'd intended. Jewellers' saw, a variety of beads and findings, gelflex, sculpting I've had another day of making pretty necklaces :) No pictures for you now, but there should be some tomorrow! Although I do need to remember to do some dissertation research this week and not just make jewellery...

Currently sitting in bed whilst my darling man-rats play around my feet. It's so good to have them back! My boyfriend took them for the fortnight when I was doing work experience as I didn't really have time to play with them and I missed them more than expected.

My ratty men as babies:

Ratty men now:

I really don't understand why people don't like domestic rats. They're squishy, cuddly and so very affectionate. Yes, they smell a bit...but they're so adorable!

Ok, bedtime for me.


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