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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Spain, Third Time Lucky.

Lastly, some mountains. On one of the cooler days we took a drive up into the mountains. The drive itself was horrendous - the journey time was double what it should of been because of the traffic and my sister was in the worst mood and kept arguing with everyone. Not helpful when you're trying to concentrate on driving on a different side of the road to normal.

Eventually we reached the village we were aiming for. It's really pretty - we walked up the hill to the old part of town where the manor house was. The house itself wasn't very impressive. Being British, I'm used to elaborate stately homes with their original decoration and such. This had all been rendered and painted white - it looked so...modern.

There were some small remains of the original castle, which we could walk up to. That was good :)

Right, I am now going to bed. Had a fairly unsuccessful show this evening and I need the sleep!

Tomorrow's update will include photos of the many, many (6, I think) necklaces I made this week. Most excitingly of all, it will include details of the giveaway, namely how to enter and what prizes you can win! Very, very exciting. Or at least, exciting for me.

Night all!


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