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Monday, 24 August 2009

HAF Etsy Team Featured Members

Evening all!

This evening I have a selection of beautiful Etsy shops for you to have a look at. The owners are all members of the HAF Etsy Team (
I've picked out a favourite piece from each shop, but I really do recommend you browse every shop. They really are worth it!

First up is Virginia Nin (, who's shop has some lovely, stylish jewellery. My favourite is this hand painted resin bracelet.

Next is Unkamen Gifts (, a shop containing some stunning chainmaille jewellery. They have a huge selection, it's a real pleasure to browse!

Sister Jewellery ( is different again from the previous two jewellers and the shop contains some very dainty watch/bracelet pieces.

My favourite piece from Rose of Sharon Jewellry ( is this fantastic pearl and pink jade bracelet. A full, busy piece, it's a fantastic example of what Sharon can do.

Artsy Crafty ( makes the cutest clothes for babies and toddlers. Don't have a baby or toddler of your own? Beg, borrow or steal one so you have an excuse to buy something from her shop! Admittedly, a less drastic step would be to buy something for the baby of a friend...

Now, who does not like glitter? Exactly. Everyone likes glitter! Artistic Will have some of the glitteriest artwork I've ever seen. Truely excellent! These would add some shine to any room in your house...not keen on glitter? Then just buy the one :P

Last one of the day is a felt artist who makes some exceptional jewellery, bags, clothes, framed pieces and various other things. Fiber Felter ( is possibly my favourite of this weeks shops, I love this handknitted shawl.

And I'm all done for the evening. I'm going to go to bed, as watching the 40 Year Old Virgin is a bit too cringy for me!

Remember, if you haven't already entered my giveaway, the full details are here:


cqdragon said...

Thank you so much for the great write up on my Etsy shop. You are doing all of us such a nice service. Judy, ArtsyCrafty

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