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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Spain Take 2: Flora and Fauna

Well, I hope you all found the pictures of my family amusing. Or at least not completely horrendous.

Now I shall bore you with non-people photos!

Here we have two lovely hibiscus flowers and a fantastic waterlillie that I was able to catch at full bloom.

More hibiscus photos. I came out of the villa one morning to have a read in the sunshine and notices that this hibiscus was full of ants. It looked so interesting that I had to take a couple of photos.

Animals next :) A very photogenic frog and some fairly blurry terrapins.

Birrrrdies! I went to the Garden of Nations with my mum and step-dad. It's a large park with a pond in the middle and the island in the pond is shaped like Europe, complete with flags and everything. The UK part was covered in shrubs, so we couldn't go on it :( Whoever designed it also over-estimated how far Wales stuck out, but oh well.

In the park, there was quite a large collection of birds, including two peahens with chicks. So, I took photos. There was also the most adorable collection of baby I took photos. And a photo of the peacock. And a small bird drinking from a puddle.

Unfortunately, there was also a tank with several large lizards in. I say 'unfortunately' not because I dislike lizards, but because of their living conditions. The tank had nowhere for them to hide, no wood or pools. The poor lizard I took a photo of had it's face pressed up against the glass and a large, red sore on it's chin. None of them looked in very good condition.

And I do believe that is all for today. My apologies for not updating yesterday as planned, I was making a necklace until about 11pm and then I went to bed.

Mountain photos will hopefully be added tomorrow morning!


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