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Monday, 17 August 2009

Spain: The Joy of My Family

In this post you will have the joy of seeing various amusing photos of my family. Flora/fauna photos will come tomorrow, including photos of some very cute baby chickens.

Don't panic! There will be a select few, the whole load will be put on Flickr for you to browse should the mood take you.

My family are a funny bunch, so it will hopefully be interesting.

The first one is, unfortunately, of me. I promise I am not posing. My partner stole my camera and took a photo when I was looking at the pretty lights when we were in a bar :( The necklace I'm wearing was originally bought by my dad for my mum when they were on holiday in Portugal, looong before they had us children. Mum hasn't worn it for years (I don't think I've ever seen her with it on) and she said I could have it ages ago. It's one of my favourites, made of a shell cut lengthways.
My hair is silly at the moment >.> I've been growing it out and giving it a rest from being dyed a variety of flourescent colours, so it's currently a natural blonde. Sad, but true.

No. 2 is my craaazy brother, Barney and my step-dad, Al. On a pole. Naturally. They weren't as drunk as you'd imagine, oddly enough. Inside every man is a pole-dancer, waiting to emerge! Barney used to have the most gorgeous long, curly blonde hair. He looks like such a thug with it shaved like that...although given that I used to have a very similar hair style I can't really complain!

D'awww. My sister, Erin and her partner James. And Barney's hand. Barney and Erin are twins! Strange but true. When I was doing my Art Foundation, I merged two photos of their faces on photoshop. A bit trite maybe, but it was kind of spooky. All I did was adjust the opacity and they really did merge and look like one person.
James doesn't usually have bright green spots on his nose, I just managed to catch him when the lazers were on. I like lazers :D
Erin's so pretty. She has a bit of a bent nose (she was a very clumsy child) but I think she's really beautiful.

The obligatory MySpace photo. The first time I've actually done one and it was...funny. All three of us burst into hysterical giggles afterwards. Come to think of it...that may have been related to the Moscow Mule and G&Ts.

Anyhoo. The one on the left is my baby sister, Flora. She's actually quite attractive when not pulling faces. She's flying to Cambodia in just over a week to look after AIDs and HIV orphans for a whole YEAR. She can't even come back for Christmas :( I'm going to miss her an awful lot, but I'm jsut so jealous! I'd -love- to do something like that. Kind of wish I'd taken a gap year before Uni, but oh well. Middle is me, pouting in a most uncharacteristic way and on the right is Erin again.

My beautiful, darling Mum. She is the most amazing woman I've ever met and, frankly, looks pretty darn good for her age (50ish). Somehow she raised the four of us by herself, on benefits and I had the happiest childhood I can imagin. Mony was a bit tight, but we had so much fun that none of us really noticed. I have no idea how she did it :)

A smooshy photo of myself and my partner, Tom. He shaved of his goatee-thing, sadly. I really like it (it's ginger!) but he says it takes too much effort :( He's insane and does clever things that involve computers and engineering. I will say no more for fear of boring you with 'I have the most amazing boyfriend EVAR' talk.

Last but not least, a nice photo involving a bridge.

That will be the end of today's broadcast, I hope I have not bored you overly! More photos (and text actually relating to Spain) tomorrow!


AlyGatr said...

Great pics! In all of them it sure looks like you guys know how to have FUN :)

Eiriel's Eclectics said...

:D thank you! Fun was most definatly had.

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